HVAC Systems, Piping Systems, Controls

Internal environmental conditions are a critical issue for building owners and managers.  From hospital operating and emergency rooms to office complexes, LEA takes into consideration factors such as comfort, indoor air quality, energy/system efficiency, serviceability, owner's preferences, applicable codes and standards before selecting and designing HVAC systems.

In addition to temperature, other factors such as humidity, ventilation, pressurization, noise and vibration must be controlled to provide optimal conditions for people, equipment and valuable property.

LEA has designed many specialized HVAC systems to accommodate a multitude of project requirements such as:

  • Fire, smoke and odor control systems (engineered smoke evacuations)
  • DDC based building and energy management systems
  • Energy recovery systems 
  • Industrial ventilation systems
  • Industrial heating systems
  • Laminar airflow
  • Infection isolcation environments
  • Preservation of artifacts
  • Sound attenuation
  • Central chiller and boiler plants
  • Chilled, hot water and steam systems
  • Custom units and packaged equipment
  • Low, medium and high velocity air pressure duct systems
  • Code review/analysis

Cooling Tower                                                               Lab Hood Exhaust

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